VPOWER FINANCE SECURITY (HONG KONG) LIMITED (hereinafter referred as “VPOWER HK”) , established on 15 march 2016, is an associated member of the Hong Kong Security Association, Asian Professional Security Association and International Professional Security Association. VPOWER HK has built two UL-2 international security standards independent vaults equipped with professional information management systems. VPOWER HK is a holder of a full set of Hong Kong Security Company Licenses (Types I, II and III), and has passed and held 5 ISO international certifications of ISO 9001 - Quality Management, ISO 10002 - Customer Satisfaction Management, ISO 14001 - Environmental Management, OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Safety and Health Management, and ISO 28000 – supply chain security management. At present, it has successfully provided security transportation and related supporting services for a number of banks and enterprises. VPOWER HK's scope of business services includes:
        1. Secure Global Logistics Service;
        2. Cross-border Security Transportation Service;
        3. Cash-in-transit and Valuables Transportation and Custodial Service;
        4. Private Safe-deposit Box Rental Service;
        5. Precious Metals Storage and Handling Services;
        6. Cash Processing Services;
        7. ATM First-line and Second-line Maintenance Services;
        8. Security Guarding Services;
        9. Electronic Security Systems Installation and Maintenance Services.