VPOWER (Hong Kong) mobile personal safe rental business’s innovative set sailing

On July 11, the VPOWER (Hong Kong) mobile private safe deposit box rental service was officially launched. On the same day, the first business was transacted. From signing of the rental agreement, delivery of the goods, registration of the system to the final process of locking and storage, the whole operating processes took less than ten minutes, which fully reflects the service standards of “safe, economic, fast and efficient”.

The mobile personal safe rental service is based on the successful provision of security service experience of the company for more than 20 years, combined with the company's huge escort service network, to innovate the new personal safe rental service. Traditional personal safes rental requires users to visit the vaulting site in person, the procedures are cumbersome, and the personal delivery risks are high, which cannot fully meet the needs of storage of high-value items. In contrast, the new mobile personal safe rental service provides a door-to-door delivery service to and from designated point of delivery or pickup, risk-free storage service.

 The mobile personal safe rental service supports a wide range of items for storage of valuables. Users can store important documents such as contracts, real estate title deeds, and notarial certificates. They can also store valuables such as cash, commemorative coins, stamps, antique calligraphy, jewelry, or private items with full insurance cover, while enjoying a more convenient service experience than traditional rental of personal safes.


VPOWER (Hong Kong) provides a variety of mobile personal safes customized services according to market demand with full insurance cover by Lloyd’s of London underwriters. Users can enjoy "reservation / site visit", "reservation / delivery ", "Supreme (lucky) number selection" and many other customized services.

The mobile personal safe rental service is a “bank treasury-grade” one-stop security service for businesses, institutions and individuals. As long as you have important items to keep, we can offer you a satisfactory and customized secured storage service.