Obtained AEO "Accredited Economic Operators" certification

Our company was successfully accredited as Hong Kong Authorized Economic Operator (HKAEO) in September 2021, bringing the total number of HKAEO to 75. HKAEOs enjoy appropriate incentives including reduced or prioritized Customs inspection, etc. and stand in a stronger position to explore markets worldwide by leveraging on the edge of their AEO status.

 VPOWER FINANCE SECURITY (HONG KONG) LIMITED was established on 15 March 2016. The parent company SHENZHEN VPOWER FINANCE SECURITY CO. LTD. ("VPOWER"), was founded in Shenzhen in 1997. VPOWER's scope of services includes domestic and cross-border secured transportation services on banknotes and valuables, cash processing, ATM first-line maintenance, high-quality electronic security systems installation, physical security products, security guarding service, vaulting and depository, domestic aviation logistics, etc. Services network expanded from China, Hong Kong to all over the world.